ATS is aiming to be among the best companies when it comes to Business trade and for that, we will introduce to you our China office and what services does it provide.

Chinese Market is a booming industry and most suppliers/ Businesses are counting on it when it comes to expanding their Business and reaching a new level in trading.

ATS will make all this process easier for you from the beginning and side by side with you by providing the following services through our agents and agencies in CHINA:

  • Buying all kinds of goods your business needs from factories and markets with the best quality and with competitive prices.
  • CARGO picking up from Suppliers with warehouse facilities…
  • Custom clearance / Export Documents / Certificates / Packing List/ Commercial Invoice / etc..
  • Shipping goods to most countries.
  • Clearance services in Lebanon.
  • You want to visit CHINA and choose your goods? No problem. ATS will ensure for you the best service and will introduce you to the CHINESE factories and markets of your choice.
  • Full container and / or Less than a container load? Air freight? Whatever you decide we will provide and of course assuring our customers with the smoothest service with the capability of Door to Door services.