About Us

Africa Tourism Solutions (ATS) is a travel agency that aims to provide a genuine experience of the African continent by offering inclusive and innovative solutions.

In addition to our tourism activities, we have also developed event planning and logistic services. We offer all-inclusive packages for all your Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE).

We work closely with partners that have unmatched knowledge and experience in the tourism and event industry.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to uncover the beauty of Senegal throughout the world. With a rigorous selection of activities and experiences, we aim to provide an unparalleled layout of culture, history and adventure.

We work with local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, historical sites, artists and ensure economic benefits are generated for local people and their businesses.

Part of our work is also to empower and support youth. We contribute to the education of students with curated trips to historical and cultural sites.


Our Vision

We promote unique and authentic experiences for both local and foreign clients.

At the heart of our company’s vision, customer service plays a central role, we focus on unique and personalized services for a lifetime experience.

With Senegal as a start, we envision to make Africa not only the next tourists’ destination, but also a business-friendly environment as we have a deep passion for the economical development of Africa.

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